short stories

Kurzgeschichten Englisch/Kirschler

- Alexander Aisenbrey, 10a/ Aurelia Manno, 10b



I got poisoned.

A week ago when I worked at the police station a anew prisoner was sent in. He killed a lot of people just by giving poison in their drinks. We were hunting him for over six months. He never left DNA or a fingerprint; he was just impossible to be caught.

But finally, after he had poisoned over 50 people, he left a fingerprint on the tea cup of one of his victims and so we were able to compare his fingerprints with the fingerprints of thousands of other criminals.

After a while we caught him and he was sentenced to death. But nobody recognized that he still had one small bottle of poison in his jacked and somehow was able to get some of it into my cup of tea. Because it is a slow working poison nobody recognized at first until I got tested because I felt sick at work and we found the poison. Well, I probably have just a few days left to live so...

And he died.

Alexander Aisenbrey, 10a




And he told her with an anxious voice that he was involved in a murder. He saw a man who killed his wife. The killer saw him and screamed that he will find him and do the same to him than to his wife.

He was trembling with fear.

Sweat drops flowed on his forehead.

Mary was shocked and afraid. She asked what they could do now.

He answered that they have to pack their things and disappear as fast as possible.

Mary was running into the bedroom and packed all things they needed. It was a tense and anxious mood in the flat. They were running from room to room.

After a few minutes he said: “Darling, are you ready to go?”

She answered: “Yes , I’m coming”.

“Ok, I’m already going to the car”, he said.

While he had been waiting a few minutes for Mary, he got a strange feeling.

He ran into his flat and screamed: “Darling, open the door! Where are you?”

Mary did not open the door. With violence he kicked in the door. He ran into the kitchen and saw Mary, who was threatened by the killer with a knife.

He said: “Let her go!! You get everything you want. But let her go! Please!”

The killer approached Mary with the knife and said that he wanted 1 million dollar.

He answered: “But I don’t have this money.”

He thought for a moment what he could do, run to the table and flipped it over to the killer. Mary was able to break free. The killer dropped the knife.

Mary said: “Quickly, grab the knife!”

He grabbed the knife, ran to the killer and killed him. At first they were shocked but afterwards they were relieved. They called the police.

After a few months, they returned to their normal life. Yet still nowadays they both go see a psychiatrist.


Aurelia Manno, 10b